Halloween ComicFest Monster Madness!


Halloween ComicFest is pitting some of the world's scariest monsters against each other in a no holds barred 16 monster tournament that you can vote in! It's the Halloween ComicFest Monster Madness Tournament and it's happening on the Halloween ComicFest Facebook page. Each week on Sunday you'll be able to vote for your favorite monster in a new poll. Votes are counted from Sunday-Friday each week and then the winning monster will move on to the next round. 

When we get to the final four monsters we will have prizes (TBD) you can win just for voting!

Check out the official Halloween ComicFest Monster Madness Tournament bracket below. (Click on the bracket to get a closer look!)

Round 2 continues! This week's match-up: Predator vs. Killer Croc! Vote on the Halloween ComicFest Facebook page from Sunday, September 16 until Friday, September 21 at 12pm est.

Your local comic shop is the best place to find Halloween and Horror comics, graphic novels, toys, and collectibles! All the products you'll see in the tournament are available to order at comic shops.

And don't forget to visit your local comic shop on Saturday, October 27, 2018 for Halloween ComicFest and all of the free comics and fun!

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