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Read Digital Comics: All Ages Favorites

We're celebrating the spooky and the spectaular all October long with Halloween ComicFest! And it wouldn't be Halloween COMICFest without any comics, sooo.... we're making some of the classics of Halloween ComicFests passed available as digital comics all month long. Just hit the download link and get to reading! 

This week, we've picked out some of our favorite spooks books perfect for readers of all ages, including the kiddos! We're lovingly (and aptly) terming these All Ages Favorites. 

Hit the download link below each cover to access the digital comic. Happy reading! 

Cthulhu Jr. cover art from Source Point Press
READ: The Adventures of Cthulhu Jr. and Dastardly Dirk 
Spook House from Albatross Funnybooks
READ: Spook House
Ghost Friends Forever from Papercutz
READ: Ghost Friends Forever
Wrapped Up from Lion Forge
READ: Wrapped Up
Little Tails from Magnetic Press
READ: Little Tails 

Check back every Monday in October for a new set of digital comics! Smile

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