#NCBD 10/24/18: HCF's 5 Comics for New Comic Book Day!

Every Wednesday is New Comic Book Day (#NCBD) in comic book shops, where new comics release hit the shelves of comic book shops for eager fans to pick up and purchase.

We've highlighted five comics that are perfect recommendations for any Halloween ComicFest fan looking to get into spookier, Halloween-like comics!

In this week's list, for books coming out 10/24/18, there's definitely something for everyone: Rambunctious rogues of the Marvel Universe are spying and scheming in Captain Marvel Halloween Spooktacular, it's chainsaws and boomsticks against cutlasses and muskets in Army of Darkness Halloween Special One-Shot, the vampire siege on Riverdale begins in Vampironica, and more!

What will you be picking up this week? Let us know over Facebook or Twitter!

Spookhouse 2 #4 (of 4)


(W) Eric Powell (A) Logan Faerber, Gideon Kendall (A/CA) Eric Powell

The annual Albatross Halloween comic for kids of all ages is back in a weekly October event! Issue #3 features the work of Eric Powell, Gideon Kendall, and Logan Faerber!

In Shops: October 24, 2018

SRP: $3.99

Captain Marvel Halloween Spooktacular #1


(W) Jacob Chabot, Jeff Loveness, Ty Templeton (A) Mario Del Pennino, Ty Templeton (A/CA) Jacob Chabot


It's October, and you know what that means! HALLOWEEN! And with Halloween, come tricks and treats alike. But while Captain Marvel and Spidey are trying to get their sugar fix, the rambunctious rogues of the Marvel Universe will be spying and scheming from afar...

All Ages

In Shops: October 24, 2018

SRP: $3.99

Cold Spots #3 (of 5)


(W) Cullen Bunn (A/CA) Mark Torres

The unquiet dead gather around a crumbling island mansion, drawn to a quiet young girl who is trapped within the dreary old house. The girl's father has come to bring her home, but a sinister family with dark and murderous plans stands in his way.

In Shops: October 24, 2018

SRP: $3.99

Army of Darkness Halloween Special One-Shot


(W) Chad Bowers, Chris Sims, Benito Cereno (A) Eoin Marron, Anthony Marques (CA) Reilly Brown

When a crazed tour guide raises the spectral remains of the galleon that brought the Necronomicon to America, Ash finally meets the one thing he hates more than Deadites - ghost pirates! It's chainsaws and boomsticks against cutlasses and muskets, and if Blackbeard's men can't have their treasure, the Promised One's head will have to do!

In Shops: October 24, 2018

SRP: $4.99

Vampironica #4


(W) Greg Smallwood, Megan Smallwood (A) Greg Scott, Matt Herms (CA) Greg Smallwood

NEW ONGOING SERIES! The vampire siege on Riverdale begins! Will Veronica lead the town towards salvation... or doom?

In Shops: October 24, 2018

SRP: $3.99

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