#NCBD 12/11/19: HCF's 5 Comics for New Comic Book Day!

Every Wednesday is New Comic Book Day (#NCBD) in comic book shops, where new comics release hit the shelves of comic book shops for eager fans to pick up and purchase.

We've highlighted five comics that are perfect recommendations for any Halloween ComicFest fan looking to get into spookier, Halloween-like comics!

For titles coming out 12/11/2019, there's definitely something scary to read for everyone: Dark Horse has a brand-new Criminal Macabre story by Steve Niles, BOOM! launches a new psychological horror series in The Red Mother, and more! 

What will you be picking up this week? Let us know over Facebook or Twitter!

(W) Steve Niles (A/CA) Gyula Nemeth
A brand-new Criminal Macabre story by Steve Niles (30 Days of Night)! A noir tale of mysteries, vampires, love, and betrayal.

Supernatural detective Cal McDonald, found wandering the streets as a disheveled vagrant, is ripped from his self-imposed retirement to resume his monster-killing career.

But Cal is reluctant to return to the fray. What has the hard-bitten investigator so shaken? It's a long story that begins with a beautiful woman who happens to be a vampire . . . and ends with a bang.
In Shops: Dec 11, 2019
SRP: $3.99
(W) Jeremy Haun (A) Danny Luckert (CA) Jeremy Haun
* Jeremy Haun returns to his The Beauty roots as he teams with Danny Luckert, hot off Regression, for a new psychological horror series.  
* After losing her eye and the man she loves in a brutal mugging, Daisy McDonough is left trying to put the pieces of her life back together. Just when she begins to think she can heal- move on, she begins to see strange things through her new prosthetic eye. And The Red Mother sees her in return.
* Continuing BOOM! Studios' string of successes, The Red Mother follows Faithless, Once & Future, and Something is Killing the Children for a new original series that examines the dangers that hide in plain sight - and the consequences of digging beneath the surface to find the truth underneath.
In Shops: Dec 11, 2019
SRP: $3.99
PREVIEWS Page #210
(W) Sacks, Ethan (A) Rodney Buchemi (CA) Arthur Suydam
KISS and the teenage runaways battle their way out of New York to continue their quest to save humanity from the zombie horde, fighting off their undead attackers with a little bit of rock'n'roll and a whole lotta style!
In Shops: Dec 11, 2019
SRP: $3.99
PREVIEWS Page #194
(W) Mike Wolfer, Natalie Jane (A) Various (CA) Mike Wolfer
The most wonderful time of the year will resound with shrieks of fright, and those shrieks will be YOURS! The pages of Scary Christmas are chock-full of fear, as we explore traditional, international yuletide tales of murder, mayhem, and monsters! From the Alpines comes Frau Perchta, with a penchant for disembowelment. From France, meet Hans Trapp, the cannibal disguised as a scarecrow. And from Iceland, welcome J lakötturinn, the "yule cat" that will devour you whole. Fans of classic EC Comics horror will love Scary Christmas, which delivers three dark tales of terror with twist endings, illustrated by three different, international artists, and all designed to give your chills the chills. But be warned: These tales are NOT for children, and contain graphic violence, gore, and nudity, and are for mature readers only! Scary Christmas #1 is available with two covers - Main and Sexy Stockings by Mike Wolfer.  
In Shops: Dec 11, 2019
SRP: $3.99
PREVIEWS Page #268
The retro monster movie magazine that jumps off the shelf into the hands of all classic monster fans. In this Horror-Day issue... the snowbound monsters movies of Forrest Tucker, Tom Weaver's Brain Twister Quiz, Fan Flashbacks on Classic Monster toys, and an in-depth history of make-up genius Jack Pierce on Universal's The Wolf Man.
In Shops: Dec 04, 2019
SRP: $8.99
PREVIEWS Page #301

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