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Interview: Serial Killer City Limits with Kill More's Scott Bryan Wilson

Interview by Troy-Jeffrey Allen

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Currently dropping from IDW Publishing, Kill More let's the bodies pile up month to month! Created by Scott Bryan Wilson and Max Alan Fuchs, this killer series turns the city of Colonia into a psychopathic paradise.

PREVIEWSworld talked with writer Scott Bryan Wilson to find out more.

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Kill More is a wild concept. Can you set the stage for new readers?
Colonia is a dying city that becomes infested with serial killers who know that the more bodies they pile up, the harder it'll be for the few remaining dedicated detectives to catch them—like a lawyer overwhelming an opponent with motions and paperwork. Aira and Parker are two detectives who team up to try and figure out what's going on, and bring these strange, brutal killers to justice as fast as they can. But these killers are like that arcade game with the moles and the mallets...

Does the entirety of the story take place in Colonia?
For the most part, our dying city plays its part as a constant character, but there are excursions to at least one location that has never been featured in any crime series—and it's a looong way away. 
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What can you tell us about the Obituary Machine? Because that name stood out on the list of killers…
Well, you have Lady Facesmasher, a bodybuilder who, you know, smashes faces...and The Sufferer, the serial killer who apologizes to you while he's killing you, and then weeps uncontrollably after...and Philosopher, who at least gives you a chance to get away from him and his ceremonial knife. The Obituary Machine doesn't get his time in the spotlight until a little later in the series, but think about him like this: What if, as a writer of obituaries, you decided to pick out a few victims, I mean, people you'd love to write about?
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You’re working with artist Max Alan Fuchs on this project. What made Max the right collaborator for this?
Max and I did the Altered Carbon: One Life, One Death OGN for Dynamite a couple of years ago. Before we'd even done one page on that, I was already pitching him to join forces for KILL MORE. His dynamic, kinetic, detail-heavy work is perfect for the book...but it's his wild imagination, especially when it comes to the demise of poor citizens of Colonia, that’s going to make him a comics superstar. No other artist's work can make you feel as dirty and uncomfortable as Max's—but still leave you begging for more. Our team is rounded out with colorist Valentina Briški, whose palette and skills bring out the details in Max's work and give each scene its own mood. For the series we have incredible variant covers by Goran Sud┼żuka—one of my all-time favorite artists—who brings a different breathtaking artistic perspective to the lunacy!
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Looking forward, what can readers expect from Kill More?
KILL MORE is a massive work akin to a big prestige TV series or a novel—huge characters with huge personalities all intertwined in 240 pages of plots and subplots. More killers are introduced! More bodies pile up! But as much as those two things are a constant, so is Parker and Aira's determination to see this thing through to the end.

In terms of audience, who is Kill More for?
Anyone who likes crime comics, horror comics, comics that ask more of them than just passive consumption. People who like watching a movie more than once to pick up on all the things they missed the first time. People who love rooting for the bad guys and supervillains. Fans of procedurals, thrillers, mysteries, and crime fiction of any sort. Read the first issue—I promise, you'll be hooked.

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Kill More is available now at your local comic shop. Reserve your copy now using PREVIEWSworld Pullbox or at your local comic shop. More below.

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(W) Scott Bryan Wilson (A/CA) Max Alan Fuchs
The city of Colonia is suffering from total economic collapse, but worse than the unemployment and urban decay is the skyrocketing homicide rate. Most of the few cops left on the force think it's just another symptom of the city's decline, but one detective has a darker theory... that the most depraved killers in the country have all moved here to take advantage of the chaos. As he and his new partner dig deeper into their rapidly growing list of open cases, they'll find themselves in the crosshairs of a growing group of maniacs who realize that the best way to stay ahead of the cops in a city full of killers... is to kill more. Nothing can prepare you for Lady Facesmasher, The Sufferer, The Obituary Machine-and worse. Lock your doors and journey into the mouth of madness!
In Shops: Sep 13, 2023
SRP: $3.99
PREVIEWS Page #265

(W) Scott Bryan Wilson (A/CA) Max Alan Fuchs
As Detectives Aira and Parker work together to try to uncover just how many killers they're dealing with, a bus arrives in Colonia with a terrifying passenger. Meanwhile, more killers get busy doing what they love. It's going to get very, very messy. Don't miss "In Human Form," chapter two of KILL MORE from writer Scott Bryan Wilson (TRVE KVLT, Pennyworth) and artist Max Alan Fuchs (Altered Carbon: One Life One Death, Halcyon Days).
In Shops: Oct 25, 2023
SRP: $3.99
PREVIEWS Page #229

(W) Scott Bryan Wilson (A/CA) Max Alan Fuchs
More killers arrive in Colonia (spoiler alert!), Giraffe decides to be helpful, Parker wonders if this is the job for her, and an art museum shuts down. If only there could be someone to revitalize Colonia's art scene... Get ready to slice into chapter three of KILL MORE, "In Lieu of Flowers," from writer Scott Bryan Wilson (TRVE KVLT, Pennyworth) and artist Max Fuchs (Altered Carbon: One Life One Death, Halcyon Days).
In Shops: Dec 13, 2023
SRP: $3.99
PREVIEWS Page #211



Troy-Jeffrey Allen is the producer and co-host of PREVIEWSworld Weekly. His comics work includes MF DOOM: All Caps, Public Enemy's Apocalypse '91, Fight of the Century, the Harvey Award-nominated District Comics, and the Ringo Award-nominated Magic Bullet.

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